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    When our customers are happy, we're happy, and we're awful happy when it comes to the service Jen provides.  #thisishowwereman #digitalwallofwow #customersupport #wallofwow
    3 days ago
    Way to go, Jen!! 💖
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    Meet TJ: One of ETE's Dyno Supervisors! TJ plays the drums, can often be found manning the grill and prides himself on being a family man.  One of his favorite ETE memories? "...when we first came to our current production facility and it still looked like the Walmart that it used to be. Everyone called it ETEmart, and it was one of the biggest expansions in the company’s history which was really exciting. The expansion really made you sure that your place in the company was secured."  #ETEmart4life #featuredemployee #etereman
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    Thanks TJ we order your trans and so glad your dynos are accurate!!!
    1 week ago
    1 week ago
    Nice shirt what I gotta do to get one ?
    1 week ago ETE REMAN
    Poly Loco - that's an exclusive 2018 birthday shirt for our employees!
    1 week ago
    ETE REMAN can I work one day on my birthday and do you have the 2019 shirt ?
    1 week ago
    Glad to be part of the family!
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    M̵a̵y̵b̵e̵ ̵s̵h̵e̵'̵s̵ ̵b̵o̵r̵n̵ ̵w̵i̵t̵h̵ ̵i̵t̵, no, it's ETE REMAN. Check out these snapshots of the updates and upgrades we make to each fully remanufactured - and beautiful - 4L60E transmission: https://youtu.be/H3mSZIokPjQ #techtuesday #insideete
    2 weeks ago
    2 weeks ago
    I'm glad they updated everything number one problem I come across is 1st 2nd then goes into neutral
    2 weeks ago
    The old power glide didnt have those 3 - 4 shift issues. 🙂
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    Meet Wayne: ETE REMAN's Technical Director and President of ATSG (Automatic Transmission Service Group) Celebrating his 1st ETE-Versary this week (Yay, Wayne!), Wayne looks forward to ETE's potential, "I have a real passion for ETE REMAN to function as an amazing team." What don't we know about Wayne? Since he broke all of his fingers, he had to stop practicing classical guitar. "Now that I live in Milwaukee, I've had extra time to start playing again."  #insideete #featuredemployee #etereman
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    We've been remanufacturing 4L80Es for a long time now and have it down to an art - just like that perfect recipe from Grandma. Here are the updates and upgrades we make to each perfectly baked, ready to "eat" 4L80E*: https://youtu.be/18u66qQLxos #cookingwithmatt #insideete #techtuesday *Do not eat transmissions.
    4 weeks ago
    Where are you located?And how about the 4L60E what upgrades
    4 weeks ago ETE REMAN
    Poly Loco - hey! I'll send you a DM. 😁
    4 weeks ago ETE REMAN
    Hi, Poly - we're headquartered in Milwaukee, WI. We'll have our new 4L60E video posted next week, but you're welcome to text or call and speak with any of our customer support reps for details about the updates and upgrades we make to our units! (800) 934-9479
    4 weeks ago
    ETE REMAN do you reman all makes and models and what warranty do you give on your transmissions ?
    4 weeks ago
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    For the team remanufacturing the torque converters for our transmissions, the old greenhouse room at our HQ was getting pretty cramped, so we went ahead and let them spread out. ETE REMAN's newly remodeled torque converter department has taken up residence in our old location on Tower Road in Milwaukee. It's like new - only better.  #insideete #etereman #torque #upgrade
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    Tower road. I think I used to street drag there in the late 90s/early 2000s lol!
    5 weeks ago
    Looking good
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    Meet Nathan: ETE REMAN's go-to on all things Safety!  What's something no one at ETE knows about him?
    "I am a volunteer firefighter and EMT when I am not working at ETE REMAN."  What is the biggest challenge for you at ETE going forward?
    "I’m going to try to make safety a little more fun and engaging. We should do some things other than policies and finger-pointing. I want to experiment with removing some incentives for safety and find more ways to reward safety while not making it bias." #insideete #featuredemployee #etereman
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    A small in size, big in knowledge team is manning the automatic transmission testing station at the SkillsUSA Wisconsin State Conference - Automotive Competition Team! We are so proud of organizer John and crew Michael and Louisa! We're thrilled to work with the automotive technicians (and maybe fellow team members) of tomorrow! #thisishowwereman
    15 weeks ago
    John, you look great!