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  • 3 weeks ago by

    A small in size, big in knowledge team is manning the automatic transmission testing station at the SkillsUSA Wisconsin State Conference - Automotive Competition Team! We are so proud of organizer John and crew Michael and Louisa! We're thrilled to work with the automotive technicians (and maybe fellow team members) of tomorrow! #thisishowwereman
    3 weeks ago
    John, you look great!
  • 3 weeks ago by

    ETE REMAN's Community team is just getting started this "spring". Snow won't stop them from the Milwaukee Riverkeeper clean up nor from working for Granville at NEWaukee's The Big Impact. Next? See you soon Feeding America. #thisishowwereman
  • 4 weeks ago by

    From office recycling initiatives, coffee composting, to being proud members of the automotive aftermarket, ETE REMAN wishes all our fellow Earth cititzens, aftermarket rockstars, and green-conscious friends a very Happy Earth Day! 🌏 #earthday #thisishowwereman
  • 8 weeks ago by

    That time we sent a crew out to Wyoming to get Tom's RV back on the road. What can we say, we love our customers and vehicle owners, and sometimes you just have to go the extra mile... or 1,000. #thisishowwereman
    8 weeks ago 1
    Amazing job ETE REMAN going way above and beyond!
    7 weeks ago
    With all the help there employees need..they focus on this bull...smh then u wonder y ur top contracts r going to other companys...phony on the outside..
    7 weeks ago ETE REMAN
    Hi, Noel Correa - we always appreciate feedback to help us better serve our customers. We have an open ear, please feel free to direct message us or email review@etereman.com with your thoughts on how we can make your customer experience great, too.
  • 10 weeks ago by

    On this International Women's Day, we celebrate all the women who make, sell, and buy our transmissions - we know they wouldn't be the same without the care and attention our hard working women put into our product, our phone calls, or our trade show booths. Internationalwomensday
  • 14 weeks ago by

    Love is in the air today at ETE REMAN - we're bee-ing kind and dreaming of spring. Happy Valentine's Day! #thisishowwereman
    14 weeks ago
    This is amazing! The little transmission flower is so cute! <3
    14 weeks ago
    Joshua McCall
  • 16 weeks ago by

    Milwaukee, we love ya. But days (weeks!) like this have us questioning our life choices. Customers, friends, vendors, please be patient as we dig ourselves out of the snow and attempt to warm up! Call, text, or visit us on BuyETE! 🥶
  • 16 weeks ago by

    Our crew is slingin' trans at the #NADASHOW - San Fran, say hi in booth 7775W. 🖐️